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will take place at the Woodbrook Youth Facility, Trinidad from June 16th to 17th.

It was previously carded for Jean Pierre complex but was not available.

With the following overview I will try to inform you about the check-in procedures for your dog in the Eastern Caribbean islands.

Last month we looked at the Virgin Islands and the Leewards. This information is based on correspondence with government officials and agriculture departments, on-line regulations and our own experience.

The Canadian pension programs included in the Agreement are the Canada Pension Plan () program.

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I cannot guarantee that you will receive the same treatment, fees or information as we did. Procedure: Fill out the application form for an import permit (available online) and e-mail or fax it to the Agriculture Department, together with the dog’s health records and an expected date of arrival. Either you or the Customs officer can call the Agriculture Department to set up a meeting with the vet. Our experience in Soufriere was expensive and unprofessional.

A current health certificate (ideally from the country previously visited) is required upon arrival. Lucia, check in with Customs, Immigration and the Port Office (all in the same room in Rodney Bay) and call the vet office to arrange a time for one of the vets to come and inspect the dog, scan the microchip, bring a permit and collect the fee. Experience: The e-mail address available on-line has been having problems for a year, but the private e-mail addresses above will get a conversation going. It is advised to keep the permit with you each time you take your dog to shore.

We have been asked for it by an Immigration official walking around the Rodney Bay Marina area.

Allowing foreign dogs into the country is a relatively new development in St.Lucia, so locals might ask you whether your dog is cleared in or wrongly tell you that he/she is not allowed in their country.