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Social groups and mailing lists that include social event planning are listed here by geographic location. Many regional polyamory groups are listed on Yahoo Groups -- try this search on polyamory. (See below.) Meet helps people meet other people who share their interests.Each interest group meets on a specific day of the month at locations that the group members vote on.La nostra pagina su Google : mettete il vostro 1 e aggiungeteci alle vostre cerchie per seguire l’attività del nostro sito!è anche su You Tube con video e registrazioni proprie e con link ad altri contenuti che riteniamo validi sul tema a noi caro. Seguiteci per ricevere sulla vostra dashboard le ultime novità del sito, ma anche molti altri contenuti a tema poliamoroso.Polyamorie (Kunstwort aus griechisch πολύς polýs „viel, mehrere“ und lateinisch amor „Liebe“, englisch auch: Polyamory) ist ein Oberbegriff für eine gegenüber anderen offenen Beziehungsformen enger definierte Praxis, mehr als einen Menschen zur selben Zeit zu lieben.Dies schließt normalerweise (aber nicht notwendigerweise) Verliebtheit, Zärtlichkeit und Sexualität mit ein.Visit details and for tickets Pre-Conference activities include: Non-Monogamous Dating for Men Into Women – a workshop presented by Pepper Mint on Oct 23 in Victoria, BC.

Open to polyamorous, poly-curious, or poly-friendly adults, 19 years or older, all genders and orientations.

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