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We sent the owners of Be and petitioned them to change the name of the site to Anti Which justifies our reasoning for suggesting a change to Anti Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on why Be didn’t crack our Top 5. So for your entertainment, we’re going to share with you an actual profile from a Be female member. Unfortunately, they never responded to our message – sort of like the nasty women we emailed on Be We very much enjoy making fun of those that deserve to be made fun of. That’s sort of a creative, catchy gimmick, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that there aren’t many quality Zyngles to chat with.And, worst of all, they use arguably the least complex matching system on any dating site. The real women under 300 pounds were Hookers and the over-300 pound women had fingers so fat they couldn’t type up an email. We figured that would be a fitting way to honor a site that also doesn’t put much effort into their work. We tried and tried to meet women, but there weren’t any to meet. For Be, there’s really not much of a point to it. Hardly any women responded to our emails and ZERO of those that did took us up on our offer to go out on a date. GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF THE WOMEN Normally, this is where we break down our results on the dating site we reviewed.

This is by far the best luck we had on any one site, despite the (admittedly) stupid-sounding name. Are you always so focused on your art, or is this a more recent thing after the incident you mentioned? Wow, you don’t see many women (especially as eye-catching as you) with a job as cool as yours.

The partner search is achieved by way of matching your specific interests with other members.