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18-Nov-2017 18:36

On the front page of the W3C’s Web site is a sidebar called W3 A to Z, which contains all sorts of links.Bookmark this page: these links are a great reference to help you understand the standards that the Web is built on.Recently, we immediately refused, without further processing, two applications where the TRF verification website identified the IELTS report as fraudulent.

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Access to this site has enabled us to ensure that the IELTS results we receive are genuine.ACM does this by sending domain validation email to addresses that are registered to the domains.For each domain name that you include in your certificate request, email is sent to 3 contact addresses in WHOIS and 5 common system addresses for your domain.Organisations can also opt to download results, instead of receiving hard copies of individual Test Report Forms.

Once your organisation has listed its IELTS requirements on this website, you can then request access to verify and download results online by completing an application form.At Ad Mfg, we strive to help build a successful website for you within your budget.