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Minnesota's John Mark Nelson and his band opened for Little Green Cars at Lee's Palace on April 27.This tour marks their first time in Canada and they ​delivered their easy going and mellow sounds with soothing melodies and harmonies for the crowd filtering into the venue.But suddenly, they’ve finally finished everything up and their first full length, “New Romance”, is here.And with it, the Austin sextet is back to show us their special way of understanding “girl groups” through great songs and marvelous arrangements.They’ve played in SXSW, opened for Calvin Johnson (BEAT HAPPENING, K Records), and above all they’ve been preparing a practically perfect collection of songs that remind us how much we like THE RONNETTES, THE VELVETTES, SHANGRI-LA’s, THE MARVELETTES, and THE CRYSTALS, and they link them with contemporary artists like THE SCHOOL, GIGI, THE BANDANA SPLITS and THE YEARNING.

Mostly DC-based These United States already impressed me with their first album, is more rooted in earthly ways and has a smidge more of the rocking going on (and it’s longer! There’s also a lot of this sort of feel of olde time rusticity draped across the duration of the album, as if we were all gathered round on someone’s front porch, breathing slightly-smoky air and watching the sun dip into the horizon while the sky vibrantly burns violet and peach, drinking moonshine by the bottle and hootin’ and hollerin’ until dawn.That’s why songs like “You Can’t Promise (Boys)” stand out with their more soul-styled spirit, somewhere between an early Marvin Gaye and a Martha Reeves in all her glory. Vincent Who Dawes All Your Favorite Bands Dawes Right On Time Dawes Things Happen Daytona New Foundation Daytona Old Friend Dead Confederate Giving it All Away Dead Confederate Run From The Gun Dead Confederate The Rat Deadbeat Darling Without a Trace Deas Vail Summer Forgets Me Death Cab For Cutie A Lack of Color Death Cab For Cutie A Movie Script Ending Death Cab for Cutie Black Sun Death Cab For Cutie Brothers On A Hotel Bed Death Cab For Cutie Cath… Lana Del Rey Born To Die Lana Del Rey Ride Lana Del Rey Video Games Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful Landlady Above My Ground Landlady Dying Day Lanterns On The Lake Elodie Lanterns On The Lake Until The Colours Run Lara Runars Beast Laura Marling Devil’s Resting Place Laura Marling Where Can I Go LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk Is Playing At My House LCD Soundsystem Dance Yourself Clean LCD Soundsystem Give It Up Leagues Spotlight Leisure Cruise Double Digit Love Lemuria Brilliant Dancer Lemuria Oahu, Hawaii Lemuria Pants Leon Bridges Better Man Leon Bridges Coming Home Lia Mice Our Heavy Heart Liam Finn Burn Up the Road Liam Hayes One Way Out Library Voices Oh Donna Library Voices Sunburnt In LA Library Voices The Prime Minister s Daughter Library Voices The Prime Minister’s Daughter Life In Film Get Closer Lightning Dust Diamond Lightships Sweetness in her Spark Lily & Madeleine Can’t Admit It Lily & Madeleine Rabbit Lily Allen 22 Lily Allen LDN Lily Allen Smile Lime Cordiale Bullshit Aside Lime Cordiale Sleeping At Your Door Limousines Very Busy People Lissie Further Away Lissy Trullie It’s Only You, Isn’t It Listener You Were A House On Fire Little Green Cars Angel Owl Little Green Cars Big Red Dragon Little Green Cars Clare De Lune Little Green Cars Easier Day Little Green Cars Harper Lee Little Green Cars My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me Little Green Cars River Song Little Green Cars The John Wayne Little Green Cars Little May Home Little Racer Montevideo Liz Phair Divorce Song Liz Phair Polyester Bride Local Natives Airplanes Local Natives Breakers Local Natives Camera Talk Local Natives Heavy Feet Local Natives Sun Hands Local Natives Wide Eyes Local Natives World News Loon Lake Cherry Lips Lord Huron Ends Of The Earth Lord Huron Fool for Love Lord Huron She Lit A Fire Lord Huron Time To Run Lorde Royals Lorde Team Lorde The Love Club Los Campesinos What Death Leaves Behind Los Campesinos! Plus, had I not taken the last few days to calm down, I would have written a piece intended to incite violence, and that would have been uncivilized (as well as falling outside of First Amendment protections).

With that being said, if you have not yet read about the execrable rape simulation video game called “Rapelay,” please do not continue reading unless you have an iron stomach.

With a line-up solidified by Jason 'Chef' Pittman, Veronica Ortuño, Chris Lyons, Jason Pearson, Shelley Mc Kann and Rose Russo, this album is fresh, with Veronica Ortuño’s versatile voice, capable of carrying songs from the sweetness of Diana Ross to the strength of Dionne Warwick.